Knowledge Hub (Readers Mate/Reading Habit/Cultivate reading habit)

Introduction :

Knowledge Hub is an electronic form of library i.e e-library. Where huge amount of digital books of various categories are stored and can be accessed by the people at any point of time. Knowledge Hub is outcome of continuous research and process of our team since last four years and many years to come.

Current Scenario :

Few years back our team found out that reading habit of this generation is on the verge of extinction and everyone is busy in the gadgets. So we decided to build a platform which will help to cultivate reading habit in the people in the form they want. Even our research team found that basic problem in major Indians is English communication and lack of vocabulary which is required for the same. Many young talented students do not get good job or placement in MNC's due to lack of English communication. Even our team visited various libraries across the country where we found out that it is not possible for the libraries to keep lots of books of various categories due to Four major issues

1. Physical Space required to store the books.

2. Amount of money required.

3. Maintenance of the books i.e ware and tare, Lost, stolen issues of the books.

4. Timing or access of the library.

Remedy :

So to overcome these issues we decided to develop unique platform for people especially students where they can get lots of different books in digital format

1. Which can be accessed from anywhere around the Globe, on the GO and 24*7.

2. Cost effective.

3. No Ware & Tare.

4. No physical Space required.

5. N no. of Students can read same book at same time.

6. Facility to download the book and read offline.