Biometric Attendance System

Introduction :

Biometric Time Attendance System is a comprehensive & extensive time attendance tracking system provided by Cybernetics Software with leave, shift, overtime, late/early management & various policy settings which can be configured as per the organization requirement. Real time attendance generation with no processing required. Can be integrated with a variety of biometric devices.

We have come up with some comprehensive versions which would best suit various business classes. Thus covering small, medium or large in short all types of school organizations.

features :


      Group Students into different classes governed by Section Heads for better access control.

2. Student Management:

      Admin can addstudents. Various personal details like photograph, contact details etc. can be maintained.

3. Category:

      A set of rules can be defined which consist of settings for full day hrs, half day hrs, punch, late/early which can be applied to the students.

4. Holidays :

      Single or multi-day holidays can be added.

5.Manual Punches :

      Facility to add manual punches has been provided for attendance adjustment.

6. Report

      Can printout of Student Attendance daily, Monthly, etc.

7.It uses biometric fingerprint scanner to get fingerprint

8. Hi tech system to maintain attendance

9. Integrated with SMS

10.Customised reports